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Cleaning, landscaping
and general building maintenance


1. Tank cleaning services:

  • Cleaning of offshore tanks on supply motor vessels and oil rigs
  • Cleaning of onshore tanks (oil storage tanks, drilling fluid, chemical fluid tanks etc.)
  • Cleaning of various types of containers (DCB, LDCB, tote tanks, road tankers, skips etc.)
  • Tank bottom residues uplift and transfer and final disposal of residual product
  • Tank drainage and disposal of tank bottoms and sludge
  • Cleaning and purging of pipe work
  • Manual fuel tank cleaning
  • Remote tank cleaning using mechanical high-pressure washers
  • Testing and gas free certification
  • Removal of tanks using hot and cold specialist cutting equipment

2. Chemical Cleaning
3. Air/steam Cleaning
4. Foam Cleaning
5. Oil Flushing
6. Hydro-Jetting
7. Line Cleaning
8. Columns & Vessels Cooling
9. Water System Cleaning
10. Tank Maintenance Pressure Testing Our Service:

  • Jet Fuel Lines Process Equipment like – Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Vessels, Columns Chilled Water Lines Hydraulic and Lube Oil Lines
  • Landscaping and building maintenance

The company’s success is directly attribute to its highly qualified and professional team of technicians and, as a result, the company is recognized as an extremely conscientious and reliable partner for anyone who requires building management services.

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