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ENBF is a global provider of stored electrical solutions, batteries and associated equipment and services for transportation in industrial market .ENBF produces a broad range of products that keep customers and their business powering forward. ENBF serves the transportation and industrial field through a comprehensive portfolio of products and services.

ENBF is one of the largest manufacturers, exporters and distributors of automotive, tubular and solar battery products in United Arab of Emirates

ENBF manufacturing plant is one of the largest and most modern battery manufacturing facilities in Middle East. Housed in an 7,300 sq. meter fully integrated facility that produces world-class maintenance-free automotive and solar batteries as well as dry-charged low maintenance batteries, industrial batteries, plates, sulfuric acid and separators, ENBF employs a fully-integrated closed-loop manufacturing and distribution process that covers material sourcing, component design and production, assembly, charging, distribution and recycling.

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