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Hazardous waste management,
collection and treatment

Our collaborative Technical Practice Network for hazardous waste management enables our local community of environmental professionals to share expertise, leading-edge technology and best practices to solve client problems. Our R & D (Research and Development) also cooperates with TADWEER (The Center of Waste Management) to develop the technology as per UAE Federal Laws.

In addition, we are focusing on delivering reliable and quality services by upholding new technologies including:

Collection, Transportation, Treatment and Disposal

Hazardous Solid & Liquid Waste

  • Cement & Construction Waste
  • Nonmetal Waste
  • Chemical Waste
  • Waste water & Oily Water
  • Acid Wastes
  • Alkali Wastes and solvent wastes
  • Laboratory Chemical Wastes
  • Industrial Effluent Waste
  • Sewage Waste
  • Organic Waste and Food Waste
  • Expired Medicine

HOTLINE NUMBER +97 1 503283399