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Solar technology
and facilities engineering

OES enables facilities to receive the financial and environmental benefits of adopting a solar power solution, without having to assume the risks associated with the design, installation, financing and management of these systems.

Our team support our customers on the field of solar power technologies.

  • Engineering, design and technology transfer for solar power plant – from calculation of amount of electric power generation up to detailed engineering.
  • Engineering, design and technology transfer for production factories of solar power plant components (PV panels, supporting structures, electrical components and cabling).

Our customers have discovered this all-in-one service, components delivery charts, pricing, staff chart etc. for successful running of production of both types of facilities – solar power plants and factories of PV power plants components.

OES supports the manufacturing’s principal designers, owners and constructors, and provides know-how in Solar Energy Engineering and technical advisory services. We assist customers to meet challenges in design and execution high-performance solar energy projects.

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